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Medical Insurance

Medical insurance serves as the pillar of any benefit program. Our INEDA Benefit Advisors remain vigilant in evaluating the most

cutting-edge products and services for our dealer members. Whether you are fully insured, self-funded, or in a captive arrangement,

we are confident our program has a solution for your organization.

Fully Insured

In a fully insured plan, the employer purchases insurance from an insurance company. This is the traditional and most common insurance model.


A level-funded plan blends the cost savings and customization aspects of a self-funded plan with the financial security and predictability of a fully insured plan. Under this funding arrangement, you would pay the same premium each month and have the ability to earn funds back at the end of the year based on the claims performance of your group.


In a self-funded plan, the employer acts as the insurer and provides health benefits directly to employees.  This model often includes the purchasing of stop-loss insurance as well as partnering with a third-party administrator to administer the benefits.


In a captive arrangement, the employer bands together with others in a pool so they can have the same scale and resources as a larger organization and effectively share the risk. In this model, a portion of your premium is pooled into a collective fund.

Have Questions? Let us know! Call or email us and one of our INEDA Benefit Advisors will help you.

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