Medical Insurance

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Doctors, Plan Documents & Prescriptions

To see which doctors are in network or how your Rx will be paid, click to request plan summaries and network search options.

Employees can choose to to waive medical coverage or select one of the six plans available. There are three Health Savings Plans and three Coinsurance Plans to pick from. All plans cover the same basic medical services – how much insurance pays and your premiums are what differs.

  • National Network – All six plans use a nation-wide network (including Mayo Clinics).

  • Emergency Care – There is no coverage if you go outside the network unless it’s for emergency services.

  • Preventative Care – regular checkups, recommended screenings and immunizations are typically covered at no cost to you when you see network doctors.

  • Free Virtual Visits – through You can have a phone or video visit with a doctor from your mobile device, hotline phone number or computer about minor medical concerns. The doctor can provide a diagnosis and, if appropriate, send a prescription to your local pharmacy, 24/7/365 for FREE.

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