Program Basics

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The INEDA Healthcare Program offers consumer-driven health plans, designed to meet the challenge of rising health care costs by offering flexibility and options.


Member Savings  The more you bundle, the more you could save.
When you include an eligible specialty plan (dental, vision, disability), you may qualify for the Packaged Savings program. 

Employee Savings Walk. Track. Get Money Back.  

The program includes an embedded wellness program.

Join Anytime

You can move to this program any time of year. No need to wait until your current policy expires.

Will employees get deductible credit if we join in the middle of our plan year?  

Yes, deductibles your employees have already met for the calendar year will carry over to this program with them.

Added Services

The INEDA Healthcare Program includes:

  • Year round compliance support

  • Employee enrollment and education materials

  • A support line to take the burden of benefit administration and compliance off your plate

  • Paperless insurance elections and new hire onboarding

Notice Regarding Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills